#SCDM2020 Call for Abstracts is now closed!

The 2020 Annual Conference Task Force invites the submission of abstracts under the following presentation formats:

Please find the Session Guidelines here

Submitters are invited to propose abstracts for the below mentioned session topics:


  • Oral Presentations [OP]
  • Panel Discussions [PD]
  • Roundtable Discussions [RT]
  • Ignite Presentations [I]
  • Storytelling Session [ST]


Session 1: Risk-based review: Opportunities to expand the risk-based paradigm
Session 8: Moving Beyond CDM Tech and looking to Clinical Trials of the Future
Session 15: How good is your central monitoring to implement RBM? Is it in sync with ground realities at the site?
Session 29: CDASH has three ongoing projects? No way! Tell me more


Session 2: Flexible Rigor: How to Use Innovation to Drive Robust Data Management for External Data Sources

Session 21: Selected Shorts

Session 30: Time for You to Decide: Who’s Best to Perform This Review?


Session 3: Are We There Yet? The Way from Data Management to Data Science

Session 6: Risked Based Quality Management – It takes a Village!

Session 7: Engage your Stakeholders and Maximize Operational Efficiencies in Clinical Data Capture and Management

Session 9: The Last Mile Challenge – How to Effectively Manage Post Database Lock Changes?

Session 11: Going Beyond the Pill with Data Democratization? – Challenges, Best Practices and Way Forward

Session 14: Clinical Research in 2050 -Creating the patient centric future that we desire

Session 16: Regulatory Considerations When Implementing Machine Learning Systems

Session 18: A Deep Dive into Master Protocol Trial and Data Management – Experts Opinion

Session 23: Identifying Clinical Study Sites for Direct Data Capture Success

Session 24: Cut Through the Data Clutter: Mitigate Risk Before it Becomes an Issue

Session 25: Increasing importance of Clinical Outcomes Assessments – Is DM ready to deal with it?

Session 26: Innovating in Real-Time – Keys to Running a Successful Decentralized Clinical Trial

Session 28: Clinical Data Management in the New Age of Digital Transformation

Session 31: Movers & Shakers of Clinical Data Management – Demystifying Novel Challenges & Building Trust in AI/ML models


Session 12: How Machines Can Complement Humans to Make Faster & Better Informed Decisions: DM Case Studies

Session 13: Alexa, Reconcile My Data: New Technologies Automating Data Reconciliation

Session 17: Decentralization of Clinical Trials – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Session 4: Career Corner – Insights from Recruiting, Leadership and the Candidate Perspective

Session 27: Project Management from a Data Management Perspective